Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Home Control Plus Gen 2 / Home Control Plus?

The purpose of Gen2 is to support iOS7, future hardware and iOS updates.

In the past few years Apple has taken large leaps forward with the iOS platform. in mid September 2013, Apple released the largest release to date: iOS7. The original iPad 1 and our Home Control Plus application are not compatible with iOS7.

Automation Connection has invested a great deal of time and resources to provide a simple solution for previously purchased licenses of Home Control Plus+. These licenses can be transferred to the new application of Home Control Plus+ Gen2, at no charge.

Home Control Plus+ Gen2 is a completely new application, not an update to Home Control Plus+.

On October 2, 2010 the first version of Home Control Plus was released. After 11 updates ending April 26 2012 and the release of iOS 5, we realized to truly move forward Home Control Plus, the application needed to be modernized. iOS 5 offered many improvements that were not available in the foundation of our original application via iOS3.

Why use a URL scheme when I can create or use an existing Vantage driver to control a device?

There are many ways to look at this. Automation Connection sees more opportunity, functionality, and effectiveness by opening an app from within HC Pocket instead of creating a Vantage driver or relying on a previous created Vantage Driver to control a device. Companies like Kaleidoscope enhance the experience by providing a return button back to the app that opened them. We believe this networking of apps will become a industry standard and provide a better experience for the user and the Vantage Dealer.

Can I open any app up with a URL scheme?

No, The app has to be coded by the manufacture.

How do I find the URL scheme for an app?

You can contact the manufacture or do some simple tests, most the time the URL scheme is the same as the name of the app.

Is there a simple way to test URL schemes?

Yes, enter the URL scheme in the address bar of Safari on the device.

What is the ink for URL schemes?

If I open another app from Home Control Pocket, how do I get back to Home Control Pocket?

Double tap the home button and select Home Control Pocket.
Some manufactures offer a return path in their URL scheme. By using there URL scheme, it will actually generate a button in their app for a return path to Home Control Pocket.